Long Distance Moving

long distance moving truck

Need Help With Long Distance Moving?

Wether You're Moving Cross-Country or Within The State, We Can Help!
If You're Moving Long Distance, Cross-Crountry Moves Are Second Nature To Us. Call Elite Moving Pros Today at 915-206-5700 For Your Long Distance Move.

We Get You From Point A to Point B In 1-3 Days.

Elite Moving Pros are ready to service your long distance move by:
- Providing Free Online Quotes
- Providing A Complete Packing and Servicing Package For You
- Free On-Site Inspections Prior To Moving Day
- In-Depth Analysis To Ensure Any Concerns Are Addressed Prior To Moving Day
- Professionally Experienced & TrainedStaff That Will Ensure A Smooth Transition
- Fast delivery, 1-3 days depending on distance!

We know how to pack and load a truck! This is very important for a few reasons:
With long distance moving its important to ensure your items are securely and properly packed and loaded.

1. After conducting a walkthrough of your home, we will immediately know what order things will be loaded in. This saves time which also saves money. The problem with hiring rookie movers is that they will cost you more because they cannot quickly determine in what order everything will "best" fit into the truck.
2. When packing the truck, it needs to be loaded properly so that furniture is secure and will not move and it needs to be padded properly to prevent scratches or tears in your furniture. Because we have the right tools and the right knowledge, we can do this quickly and safely which saves you money but at the same time it keeps your precious valuables safe.
3. We always receive compliments on our packing and loading jobs. Nobody does it faster or safer than us! We cost less than the cheap guys and that's a fact. We often receive compliments on how we were "so much better and much faster" than the last movers. We are always confident that our customers will use us again and refer us to their family and friends.

We offer complete long distance moves to include packing, wrapping, assembling/disassembling, loading securing, and unloading!!! Let Elite Moving Pros assist you with your Long Distance Moving needs!