Before You Move Tips

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Things To Check Off Before Your Move

Tips For A Smooth Move:

Pack Ahead Of Time -
Don't procrastinate. Start packing ahead of time so that you can be ready on moving day. If you find youself packing on moving day, then you're a procrastinator.

Color Code Boxes By Room -
This will save you a ton of time and a ton of headaches. Buy color sticker labels at UHAUL, your local general merchandise retailer, or a home improvement store like Home Depot. Designate a given color for all of the boxes in each room and make sure to record this on a sheet of paper. At your destination, place a sticker in each room matching the appropriate color you have listed on your sheet. When your movers go to unload, this will make it a breeze when it comes to unloading as you won't have to waste time wondering what box goes in what room.

Don't Pack Large Boxes With Heavy Weight -
Use small boxes for books and heavier items. Use medium boxes for heavy items that don't necessarily fit into smaller boxes but take care not to pack your boxes too heavy. A good ruler of thumb is that if it takes more than one person to move the box safely than you've overdone it. Use large boxes for lighter items.

Dissasemble Items To Save Time On Your Move (Optional) -
Break it down ahead of time. If you're hiring movers and would like to save some time, then dissasemble anything that's relatively easy like your beds and any mirrors that you'll find attached to your dressers.

Tape Your Boxes Properly Using The "H" Method -
So that your boxes don't collapse in transit, tape your boxes in the manner presented below:

H Taping Diagram

Get Advice. Speak With A Moving Professional -
Prior to moving, it helps to consult with a moving professional. We offer free on-site consultations to help uncover any unforeseen events that could cause headaches on moving day. Additionally, we can answer any questions you may have and provide you with unique tips specific to your move. We make moving day easy.

IMPORTANT Non-Packing Essentials To Do In Advance

1. Research & hire a mover 6 week before the big day
2. Fill out a “change address” form at your local post office 2-3 weeks prior.
3. Notify utility Services two weeks prior to your move. Schedule them to turn off at your old home the day after your move, and turn on at the new home a couple of days prior to moving in.
4. Call a locksmith and arrange to have your new home locks changed on moving day.
5. Schedule a cleaning company to clean the new home and steam clean the carpets a day or two before your move date.
6. Have records transferred to new schools.
7. Change address with creditors and financial institutions.
8. Research cable, internet, and phone providers in new area and set up appointments for service installation.
9. Preorder new checks with your change of address.
10. Fill and transfer prescriptions a week before.
11. Properly dispose of flammable items that can’t be transported.
12. If you bank with a regional bank and you’re moving out of town, you will need to set up an account with a new bank.
13. Unplug and defrost your refrigerator 1-2 days before packing it in the truck.
14. Empty gas and oil out of your lawn mower and weed eater.
15. Back up all computers.
16. Take a family photo in your old home before leaving.

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